Economic development agencies from cities across Oakland and Macomb Counties have joined forces to create a high tech job fair that connects Southeast Michigan job seekers with businesses from throughout the area that have immediate job openings. The event, Oakland Macomb Job Hub 2011: Where Oakland Macomb Employers Meet SE Michigan [...]
Thu, Jan 13, 2011
Source HR Concepts For Small Business
Small businesses are often adversely affected by situations occurring in employees’ personal lives.  An employee’s personal distractions frequently result in decreased productivity on the job, and frequently smaller companies are affected at a much higher level than would be a larger firm due to the smaller firms’ dependence on each [...]
Sun, Jun 27, 2010
Source HR Concepts For Small Business
In our continuing research to find companies who have avoided layoffs and the ways in which they are doing so, we’ve come across some interesting examples and a variety of strategies.  However, one thing they all have in common – they all place a very high value on their employees [...]
Thu, Feb 04, 2010
Source HR Concepts For Small Business
In today’s economy it appears that every day more and more companies are laying off countless numbers of workers.  However, what you don’t hear about are the companies that are in dire need of superior talent, but typically can’t afford to hire a full-time person with the skills and experience they’re [...]
Sun, Jan 17, 2010
Source HR Concepts For Small Business

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