Imagine the power when Indian women and everyone don't have to worry about street dogs

Some days ago, a girl was scared to come out of car because there were too many street dogs around there.

She later said that her sister and brother-in-law live in the US. She's a Naturopath and seems to value living well.

Earlier that night at a party my dance teacher who's a Christian had asked me to pick up a Christmas tree that had fallen on the dance floor which I had then picked up. I had later remembered my Christian girlfriend from a long time ago with whom I had been to some different Churches over the years.

Just now I saw this video and thought India will soon have fighter aircrafts which can detect missiles from far far away when they just get launched and so can avoid those missiles while accomplishing their goals

Imagine a day when Indians don't have to worry about getting bitten by street dogs and that street dogs don't have to suffer in highly polluted, concrete places and instead live in more natural, healthier spaces for them and the same for humans in general in India.

Do you wonder how many Indians don't go to parks or can't exercise well in parks because they fear the dogs there?

Do you wonder how the Indians around the world enjoy in parks and other open public spaces due to no fear of street dogs there?

Merry Christmas! Best!

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