Free in Delhi? Global Indians?

Free in Delhi?

Someone said they would've saved a lot of money if they lived in Delhi. The person earlier used to work and earn well and also paid taxes. However, now he earns very less even after being highly experienced in software work including in Security. Moreover, he started a company without realizing how much money goes into marketing. He could've earnt much more by working for other companies.

Global Indians?

My many relatives who're highly educated / experienced live, work and earn well around the world and also make Indians look good which keeps growing opportunities for Indians around the world.

This person should've tried doing the same if he couldn't find work in India than saying that he would've got things for free in Delhi. It's his earlier paid taxes which fund the free things in Delhi. For how long will the free things last if his condition is like this even after paying taxes for years.

Milk or food which is actually high quality is so expensive. Humans are not meant to rot with adulterated food or severe pollution. He should've kept working for top companies and kept earning and growing including around the world than wishing for free things in Delhi. Many Indian business people keep working, growing and earning around the world and also make a strong name for Indians.
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