How Many Indian Companies Prefer Vendors with GST?

An Indian Company Owner shared that he prefers Vendors with GST!

A small business owner said that he prefers vendors who have GST because the Indian govt. gives benefits when billing with GST.

I'm not against GST. However, this made me think how many high-quality professionals in India don't make clients because they don't have GST.

In your experience, how many Indian companies prefer vendors with GST over high-quality professionals who don't have GST?

Yesterday in Facebook, I saw a post of a relative (a top-level govt. doctor in India) whose children are doctors in the US. They were celebrating Thanksgiving in the US. I wonder if such are the reasons that many high-quality Indian professionals go to work around the world because they think they won't grow well enough in India?

Thankfully I have a growing list of clients in India including big companies.
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